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Figuring out how to move into something you really love can be overwhelming. Get the process started right with this easy-to-use Career Elevation Blueprint and get out of analysis paralysis fast.


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Stop feeling paralysed by uncertainty, and get clarity on all the important aspects of your next career move on ONE PAGE, so you can be confident in your next steps

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"Its time to stop being bored and frustrated with what you do and find real meaningful passion in your professional life"


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Do You Feel Ready To Quit?

  • If you keep getting bogged down in uncertainty and second guessing yourself

  • If you're afraid you'll make a mistake and lose the security you have

  • If you're frustrated with how difficult it is to make a workable plan

  • If you're stuck because it seems you can only do one type of work

  • If you feel at a loss for what work would ACTUALLY make you happy

The Career Elevation Blueprint Will Get You On Track

Download The Career Elevation Blueprint!

How It Works:

You are 3 steps from waking up happy and excited for what you do

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The blueprint helps you get all the most important questions out of your head and down on paper so you have all your thoughts together. I've made a short video training to help you fill it out too so don't miss that.

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Get really clear on what you want, whats standing in your way and get your next steps sorted so you get on track with your career move. Get clarity BEFORE you jump, so you don't make a mistake.

Start Living Life On Your Terms

Start taking action with a plan that moves you step-by step toward your dream while keeping your security. Finally be happy with what you wake up to in the mornings

I Know How You Feel and I Know How to Help!

    I'm Mads Damgaard and I can help you get this handled

  • I know what it feels like to be stuck in a "good" wellpaying job, that just wasn't for me and I can help you find the job you'll actually want to wake up to.

  • I can help you find the work you'll love even if you don't yet know what that might be. 

  • What would it be worth for you to get the job you really want to wake up to?

Download the Career Elevation Blueprint!

Before and After the Career Elevation Blueprint

Testimonial - Lynda H. - Accountant, Chicago, IL

"I was really stuck with what to do with my work. I kept going in circles and getting stuck on dead-end thinking and uncertainty. There were so many ways I could go but I didn't know which one would be the right one. And I didn't want to lose the security I had."

"Once I got all the right details down in the pdf, things became much clearer about what I did and did not want to have in my future career. It made it more clear what I needed to focus on to be able to live like I wanted. And Mads was really helpful in getting it all to make sense!"

Get The Free Career Elevation Blueprint

The Career Elevation Blueprint helps you gather all your important thoughts about your next career move on one page so can figure out what to do. Input your name and email below and I'll shoot it over into your inbox right away


"It is time to stop being bored & frustrated with the work you do, and find true, meaningful passion & purpose in your professional life you can live from, so you can be happy with what you wake up to in the mornings"