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Find out how you can leave a job thats boring and frustrating, connect with your true potential and find work you'll actually want to wake up to (without giving up your security and income)

How brilliant professionals Can find the clarity and confidence necessary to go for what they want By connecting with their core strengths and true professional path And Wake up happy in the mornings excited and grateful for what they do, Without giving up their security and income

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Lives Transformed

"Clear questions & Keen intuition.."

Mads creates a safe, enthusiastic, and trusting space when coaching. Through his deep listening, clear questioning, and keen intuition, he has coached me forward on multiple challenges helping me to see things from a different perspective and bringing real results. Thank you Mads!

Benjamin S.

Paris, France

"Grateful for his support.."

Mads is a great listener. He listens to allow you space to bring the vision in your head into a concrete business plan. He guides, explains jargon, clarifies and rephrases questions so that you feel totally and unconditionally supported as you work through the process. His approach is holistic, Heart-centered and caring. I enjoyed, yes!

Niki M.S.

Dunstable, East England

"The best thing I've ever done.."

The tools he introduced me to, has completely changed my outlook on life, og has improved my jobsituation, my relationsship and my economy. Going through the program with Mads is without a doubt the best thing I've ever done, both for my career and my private life

Sara S.

Copenhagen, Denmark

"Totally recommend it.."

I was feeling very stuck and during our calls, I was able to release a lot of resistance, and little by little a world of opportunities began to show up. Very grateful for the support

Adriana C.

Copenhagen, Denmark

"Helped navigate my thoughts.."

He asks the hard questions with patience and in a space where you can be yourself. He helped me navigate my thoughts and get into action with a clear mind and plan for my next steps. Highly recommened 

Sara L.C.

Malmø, Sweden

"Showed me a lot of great tools.."

His approach is very empathic and professional and he really wants you to succeeed. And I quite quickly got a new exciting job after the coaching!

Clare T.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Voted in the top 20 coaches of Copenhagen , Denmark in 2021 by

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  • "Too many mid & senior level professionals feel bored and frustrated with their work because they have yet to find their true passion" - Mads Damgaard

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