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Career Elevation Blueprint
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Work you'll be happy to wake up to - 35 min webinar

Work you'll be happy to wake up to - 35 minute webinar

Thinking about making a career move and not sure how to get started? The old model of work is dead and a new model is emerging that will solve the issues create by the old. Check out this short intense webinar that gives you the 4 fundamental shifts you need to find the career you dream of under the new model of work.

The Career Elevation Blueprint - A simple for complete clarity on your next career move

If you're wanting to change something in your professional life but feel your head spinning with all the possibilities and pitfalls then go grab the career elevation blueprint. This handy One-pager tool asks all the key questions and helps you get your thoughts and worries out of your head and down on papers so you have the overview

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I’m Mads Damgaard. I’m a Professional Career Coach and I’ve spent years dedicating myself to understanding the nature of meaningful work. I have invested tens of thousands of euros and hundreds of hours into training and client work for the purpose of getting results with people. I am deeply grounded in a 10 year meditation practice and have founded my heart-centered coaching approach on the principles and wisdom of deep thinkers like Milton Erickson, Marilyn Atkinson, Eckhart Tolle, Marschall Rosenberg & many others. 

Feel free to schedule a free call with me below to learn more about how I can help you get the career you want.

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